The Trump-Russia Scam – How Obama Enabled The FBI To Spy On Trump

January 13, 2019

The Trump-Russia Scam – How Obama Enabled The FBI To Spy On Trump

Despite the loss of major narratives, the war of the deep state against U.S. President Trump continues unabated. The main of tool in this war are allegations of relations between Trump and anything Russia. The war runs along several parallel paths.

The narrative war in the media is most visible one. When any of the fake stories about Trump and Russia gets debunked and disposed, new ones are created or others intensified.

In parallel to these propaganda efforts the deep state created an investigation that Trump has no way to escape from. Enabled by one of the Obama administrations last acts the investigation is using signal intelligence to entrap and flip the people surrounding Trump (see section three below). The big price will be Trump himself. Here we take a look at what transpired during the last weeks.

One major anti-Trump narrative was that ‘Russian influence’ helped to put him into office. This was based on the alleged nefarious influence a Russian clickbait company, the Internet Research Agency (IRA) in St. Peterburg, had on the U.S. electorate. That explanation never made sense. Little of the IRA activities had to do with the election. It used sockpuppets on Facebook and Twitter to attract people to websites filled with puppy pictures or similar nonsense. The IRA would then sell advertisement and promotions on these sites.

This was obvious for anyone following the factual content of the news instead of the ‘opinions’ a whole bunch of anti-Trump ‘experts’ and the media formed around them.

That the Mueller investigation finally indicted several of the IRA’s officers over minor financial transactions was seen as a confirmation of the political aspects of the IRA activities. But nearly all the reporting left out that Mueller confirmed the commercial intent behind the IRA and its activities. There is nothing political in the accusations. Indeed point 95 of the Mueller indictment of the IRA says:

Defendants and their co-conspirators also used the accounts to receive money from real U.S. persons in exchange for posting promotions and advertisements on the ORGANIZATION-controlled social media pages. Defendants and their co-conspirators typically charged certain U.S. merchants and U.S. social media sites between 25 and 50 U.S. dollars per post for promotional content on their popular false U.S. persona accounts, including Being Patriotic, Defend the 2nd, and Blacktivist.

Part of the false narrative of a political influence campaign was the claim that the $100,000 the IRA spent for advertisement to promote its clickbait webpages through Facebook ads somehow moved people to vote for Trump. But 56% of the IRA ads ran after the election, 25% of all its ads were never seen by anyone. How a few $10,000 for ads only few saw moved an election that was fought with several billions spent by each candidate’s campaign was left unexplained.

This week, only fifteen month after this site came to the conclusion that IRA was a commercial clickbait business, the Washington Post finally admitted that the alleged political targeting of voters by the IRA never happened:

[T]he common understanding is that Russia’s interference efforts included sophisticated targeting of specific voting groups on Facebook, which could have made the difference in states that Trump narrowly won on his way to an electoral-vote victory.

That understanding about Russia’s sophisticated targeting, though, is not supported by the evidence — if it’s not flat-out wrong.

Most of the ads purchased by the Russians didn’t specify a geographic target smaller than the United States on the whole, according to a Post review of the ads released by the House Intelligence Committee. Those that did target specific states heavily targeted those that weren’t really considered targets of the 2016 election, such as Missouri and Maryland. And of those ads that did target specific states, most happened well before or well after the final weeks of the campaign.

All the claims that some Russian sockpuppets influenced the 2016 elections were and are nonsense.The IRA sockpuppets never had any political intent.

Likewise the allegations that Russian intelligence hacked the DNC and Clinton crony Podesta’s email are mere assertions for which no hard evidence was ever provided. The only known fact is that the emails and papers were real, and that there content revealed the shoddiness of Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and her campaign.

Now, as the ‘Russian influence’ narrative is dying down, the anti-Trump – anti-Russian campaign is moving to new grounds. Last week the New York Times claimed that Paul Manafort, who for some time ran the Trump election campaign, gave public and internal polling data to the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska: Manafort Accused of Sharing Trump Polling Data With Russian Associate. A day after that sensational claim made a large splash throughout U.S. media the New York Times recanted:

Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel – 18:39 utc – 9 Jan 2019

CORRECTION: PAUL MANAFORT asked KONSTANTIN KILIMNIK to pass TRUMP polling to the Ukrainian oligarchs SERHIY LYOVOCHKIN & RINAT AKHMETOV, & not to OLEG DERIPASKA, as originally reported. We have corrected the story & I deleted a tweet repeating the error.

Duh. Manafort gave polling data to his Ukrainian fixer Konstantin Kilimnik with the request to pass it along to Ukrainian oligarchs for who he had worked before joining the Trump campaign. Kilimnik had long worked for the International Republican Institute office in Moscow. The IRI is a CIA offshot under Republican Party tutelage that is used to influence politics abroad. Its long time head was the deceased hawkish Senator John McCain. While he worked with Kilimnik in the Ukraine, Manafort concentrated on moving the Ukraine towards the European Union and away from Russia. His and Kilimnik efforts were always opposed to Russian interests. But the NYT and others falsely try to pass them off as the opposite with the sole purpose of feeding the anti-Trump/anti-Russia campaign.

Another anti-Trump/anti-Russian propaganda effort is a new sensational NYT piece on obvious misbehavior in the upper rows of the FBI:

In the days after President Trump fired James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, law enforcement officials became so concerned by the president’s behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests, according to former law enforcement officials and others familiar with the investigation.

The inquiry carried explosive implications. Counterintelligence investigators had to consider whether the president’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security. Agents also sought to determine whether Mr. Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence.

The NYT lets it seem as if the decision to launch a counter-intelligence investigation related to Trump was as based on some reasonable suspicion the FBI had. It was not. This was an act of revenge by the upper anti-Trump echelons in the FBI with which they attempted to undermine Trump’s presidency. Note what the claimed suspicion was based on:

Mr. Trump had caught the attention of F.B.I. counterintelligence agents when he called on Russia during a campaign news conference in July 2016 to hack into the emails of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump had refused to criticize Russia on the campaign trail, praising President Vladimir V. Putin. And investigators had watched with alarm as the Republican Party softened its convention platform on the Ukraine crisis in a way that seemed to benefit Russia.

Other factors fueled the F.B.I.’s concerns, according to the people familiar with the inquiry. Christopher Steele, a former British spy who worked as an F.B.I. informant, had compiled memos in mid-2016 containing unsubstantiated claims that Russian officials tried to obtain influence over Mr. Trump by preparing to blackmail and bribe him.

Trump made a joke during the election campaign asking Russia to release the 30,000 emails Hillary Clinton had deleted from her illegal private email server. There is no requirement, as far as I know, for any candidate to criticize this or that country. How can not following the non existing requirement to criticize Russia be suspicious? The Republican Party did not soften its convention platform on Ukraine. It rejected an amendment that would have further sharpened it. Overall the Republican platform was more hawkish than the Democratic one. The Steele dossier was of course from A to Z made up nonsense paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

It is non sensible to claim that these were reasonable suspicions sufficient to open a counter-intelligence investigation. The hasty FBI move to launch a counter-intelligence operation obviously had a different motive and aim.

After Trump fired FBI director Comey, the FBI was led by Andrew McCabe, later also fired for leaking to the media and lying about it. His legal council was Lisa Page who exchange tons of anti-Trump SMS messages with her lover, the FBI agent Peter Strozk. These are the people who initiated the counter-intelligence investigation:

Strzok and Page sent other text messages that raise the possibility they were discussing opening up a counterintelligence investigation against Trump before Comey’s firing.

“And we need to open the case we’ve been waiting on now while Andy is acting,” Strzok wrote to Page on the day of Comey’s ouster.

Andy is Andrew McCabe, who served as deputy FBI director.

Page gave some indication in her congressional testimony in July 2018 that the text message was a reference to an investigation separate from the obstruction probe that has already been reported.

Normally the FBI needs to clear such counter-intelligence investigations with the Justice Department. In this case it did not do so at all:

In the case of the investigation into Trump, the FBI’s decision to open a file on the president so quickly after Comey’s firing in May 2017 was a source of concern for some officials at the Justice Department because the FBI acted without first consulting leadership at the department. But those worries were allayed when, days later, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III was appointed to oversee the Russia probe …

After Comey was fired, the FBI made a very hasty move, without reasonable suspicion and without informing the Justice Department, to launch a counter-intelligence operation involving the sitting president and his administration. What was the real purpose of this move?

Initiating a counter-intelligence investigation, for which there was no basis, gave the FBI, and later the Mueller investigation, unfettered access to NSA ‘signals intelligence’ that could then possibly be used to incriminate Trump or his associates.

It was the Obama administration which had given the FBI access to this tool:

The Hoarse Whisperer @HoarseWisperer – 4:05 utc – 12 Jan 2019

On his way out the door, we all were wallowing in our winter of discontent, Obama signed an executive order…

The order revised the rules around intelligence sharing among our intel community. Specifically, it made the firehose of raw intelligence collected by the NSA directly accessible to the FBI and CIA. Instead of having to ask for intel and getting what they filtered down the FBI and CIA could directly access the unfiltered “SigInt” or signals intelligence. Intercepted phone calls, emails, raw intel from human sources. Everything our vast intelligence vacuum hoovers up, available directly… but only for counterintel and foreign intel purposes.

The NSA can sit on virtually every communication into and out of the U.S. that takes place over networks. Obama made it possible for the FBI to directly access everything they had on Trump, et al. Obama supercharged the FBI’s ability to investigate Trump.

The Obama administration enacted the changed executive order EO 12333 in early January 2017, shortly before Trump took over:

Previously, the N.S.A. filtered information before sharing intercepted communications with another agency, like the C.I.A. or the intelligence branches of the F.B.I. and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The N.S.A.’s analysts passed on only information they deemed pertinent, screening out the identities of innocent people and irrelevant personal information.

Now, other intelligence agencies will be able to search directly through raw repositories of communications intercepted by the N.S.A. and then apply such rules for “minimizing” privacy intrusions.

[T]he 12333 sharing procedures allow analysts, including those at the F.B.I., to search the raw data using an American’s identifying information only for the purpose of foreign intelligence or counterintelligence investigations, not for ordinary criminal cases. And they may do so only if one of several other conditions are met, such as a finding that the American is an agent of a foreign power.

However, under the rules, if analysts stumble across evidence that an American has committed any crime, they will send it to the Justice Department.

At that time Peter Lee, aka Chinahand, already had the suspicion that Obama was behind the FBI campaign against Trump.

With the changes in EO 12333 Obama gave the FBI the ability to launch a world wide snooping operation against the incoming Trump administration under the guise of a ‘counter-intelligence’ operation. The hasty FBI move after Comey was fired activated this instrument. The Mueller investigation has since used it extensively. ‘Crimes’ revealed through the snooping operation are turned over to the Justice Department.

The NYT claim that the counter-intelligence investigation was initiated because of reasonable suspicion of Russian influence over Trump is nonsense. It was initiated to get access to a set of tools that would allow unlimited access to communication of Trump and anyone related to him. It was Obama who on his way out of the door gave the FBI these capabilities.

There are signs that the unlimited access the FBI and Mueller investigation have to signal intelligence is used to create prosecutions via ‘parallel construction’:

The Hoarse Whisperer @HoarseWisperer – 18:50 utc – 12 Jan 2019

An active counterintel investigation means the Trump Administration’s crimes were only as secure as the weakest link in their weakest moment. We got hints of this early. Our intelligence folks picked up “signals intelligence” or SigInt from Russians talking to Russians.
Those “signals” aren’t the kind of evidence that finds its way into a courtroom. In fact, it’s important that it doesn’t. It would burn sources and methods. It lays out the crimes and the players though… and then prosecutors find ways to make triable cases other ways.
The public sees cases for specific charges carrying significant prison time without ever knowing that the NSA and prosecutors knew so much more than they ever revealed. Now, apply those principles to the cases we’ve seen Mueller bring forward so far.

Mike Flynn: pleaded out to a minor charge, rolled over in full and then produced five rounds of documents. Likely: Flynn was confronted with the intel they had on him and knew he was cooked. They knew the crimes. They heard and saw everything. There’d be no escape.

By flipping and pleading out Flynn, all of that secret intel stays secret. Our intelligence efforts are protected. And Flynn goes down. And he cooks a bunch of other gooses. He’s savvy enough to know that once they have the intel, all that’s left to do is make the case.

The ‘crime’ that di Flynn in was misremembering a phone call he had with the Russian ambassador. Similar happened with Rick Gates, Paul Manafort’s righthand man and a member of Trump’s transition team. Then it happened to Paul Manafort himself and to George Papadopoulos.

The Mueller investigation, thanks to the snooping Obama and the FBI enabled, knows the content of every phonecall, chat and email any member of the Trump administration made and make to someone abroad (and likely also within the U.S.). It invites people as witnesses and asks them about the content of a specific calls they made. If they misremember or lie – bang – Mueller has the transcript ready. A crime has been created and an indictment for lying to the FBI will follow. This is what happened to Flynn and the others the Mueller investigation entrapped and convicted.

Because of the counter-intelligence investigation the anti-Trump gang in the FBI hastened to initiate, the investigators got hands on signal intelligence – phone calls, chats and emails – that allowed them to indict minor people for petty crimes and to flip them to talk to the investigation.

The aim, in the end, was and is to build a prosecution case against President Trump for whatever minor and petty half-backed illegal doing there may be.

To make such a prosecution and an indictment publicly palpable the media is assigned with launching story after story about nefarious relations between Trump and anything Russia.

As we have seen above with the IRA story, the retracted NYT’s Manafort bang, and the NYT’s false claims about the motive of the FBI’s counter-intelligence investigation, none of these stories hold up to diligent scrutiny. Today’s Washington Post adds another example of no-beef stories that insinuate mystic ‘Russian influence’ over Trump:

Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration.

The first graph claims:

President Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, including on at least one occasion taking possession of the notes of his own interpreter and instructing the linguist not to discuss what had transpired with other administration officials, current and former U.S. officials said.

The rest of the story largely refutes the claim made in its headline and very first sentence:

Trump did so after a meeting with Putin in 2017 in Hamburg that was also attended by then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Trump generally has allowed aides to listen to his phone conversations with Putin ..

In an email, Tillerson said that he “was present for the entirety of the two presidents’ official bilateral meeting in Hamburg,”…

After Trump had a first White House meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Washington, lots of leaks about the talk appeared in the DC media. Trump was accused of giving information about an ISIS plot to the Russians that was allegedly secret. It was not. Since then Trump clamped down on the number of participants, briefings and readouts for such talks. That is simply a necessary and laudable behavior. Now the media try to construct that into ‘Trump is concealing details’ about talks with Russia even when the U.S. Secretary of State and others are present in these.

Ever since Trump won the Republican primaries, the Clinton campaign, the Obama administration and the U.S. and British intelligence services prepared to prevent a successful Trump presidency. The Steele dossier, created by ‘former’ British intelligence agents and paid for by the Clinton campaign, was the basis for an FBI investigation that was seen as an insurance against a Trump win. Any possible Russia relations Trump might have came under scrutiny. This prevented him from fulfilling his campaign promise of coming to better relations with Russia.

Shortly before Obama left the office he created the tool the FBI needed to put its investigation on steroids. When Trump fired Comey for his handling of the Clinton email affair, the FBI put that tool into action. With unfettered access to signal intelligence the Mueller investigation was able to entrap a number of Trump related people and to flip them to its side. It will use any information they give up to find some angle under which Trump can be prosecuted and eventually impeached. Even if nothing comes off this investigations, the media reports and slander all this created may well be enough to prevent an election of Trump for a second term.

I very much dislike most of Trump’s domestic and foreign policy. But he was duly elected under the existing rules. The campaign the media and the intelligence services have since run against him undermines the will of the people. Unfortunately I see no way that Trump could escape from the hold it has gained over him. Exposing it as much as possible might well be his best defense.

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A giant walrus sleeping on top of a Russian submarine

Source: Pinterest
When sleep experts studied walruses a few years back, they were startled to find that walruses can go for epic stretches without sleep, swimming almost continuously for up to 84 hours. After that, these big aquatic mammals can crash pretty hard, sleeping up to 19 hours. That sort of exhaustion may explain why, in 2006, this particular Walrus chose such an unusual bed — the deck of a Russian submarine. Incidentally, the sleep experts observed something even weirder than this scene: Walruses hanging off the sides of an ice floes, by their tusks, with their bodies in the frigid water — sleeping.

Looks Like Obama Is Ready to Invoke World War III!!! – Are You Ready to Be Royally Nuked???

Apparently, while the Globalists, Banking Cartel, Banksters, the Black Robe Mafia, and the rest of the entities that themselves  and others refer to as “The Elites” all have the underground set up nice and neatly for themselves, the rest of us will be left here to cook in the radioactive fallout from Russia and China having “nuked us”.  Looks like that is the way we are heading, unless something big happens to wake up these friggin idiots that think they can win a thermo-nuclear war.

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June 7 , 2014
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June 7, 2014
On June 5 , 2014, AlertsUSA issued the following
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6/5 SecDef announces expanded US military presence in Bulgaria and Romania, incl warships, troop deployments and land-based ballistic missile defense installations.

What You Need To Know

On Thursday of this week, AlertsUSA subscribers were notified via text messages to their mobile devices regarding an announcement by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel that the U.S. would be expanding its military presence in Bulgaria and Romania, including new deployments of warships, aircraft, troops and land-based missile defense installations to the region. Secretary Hagel made his announcement while visiting Romania. He is in Europe along with President Obama who attended the G7 economic summit in Brussels, D-Day commemorations in France, as well as a sweep through various eastern European nations in an attempt to further reassure regional NATO allies.

Map of Black Sea Region - ALLOW IMAGES

Earlier, President Obama pledged $1 BILLION dollars to help boost NATO military preparedness in Europe, saying that U.S. will be prepared for any contingencies if Russia tries to threaten any other neighboring countries.

In turn, Russia has warned the NATO military alliance not to shift forces East. Russia’s Representative to NATO, Alexander Grushko, is quoted by Russian media outlets as stating that if the Kremlin sees “a shifting of NATO’s military potential towards the ‘eastern wing,” Russia will take measures necessary so its security is not affected.

Additionally, for many years Russia has been protesting U.S. efforts to erect a so called missile shield in Eastern Europe, one which the U.S. publicly states is aimed at countering threats from the Middle East. Russia is clearly not buying this explanation and sees the true purpose of the proposed installations as an effort to be able to take out their own missiles during the boost phase of a launch. In May of last year, the Russian Defense Ministry made clear that they would use “destructive force preemptively” to stop the United States placing such installations in Eastern Europe. Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dimtry Medvedev have publicly reaffirmed such a stance.

In response to the buildup of NATO forces in bordering countries, the Russian Defense Ministry this week announced their Strategic Missile Troops, whose primary task is nuclear deterrence, will conduct around 120 drills and training exercises over the next six months. In addition, the Defense Ministry announced the scheduling of an additional 12 intercontinental ballistic missile launches between now and the end of 2014.


Here at AlertsUSA, we see these escalations on both sides as particularly dangerous. From NATO’s perspective, tens of thousands of Russian troops remain on Ukraine’s borders, pro-Russian forces within Ukraine, along with imported Chechen fighters and Russian Special Forces, are waging a vicious battle with the Ukrainian military in the eastern part of the country. The Russian Navy and Air Force are growing more aggressive and provocative in their patrols, ballistic missile tests are being conducted with regularity and there are increasing calls in ethnic Russian-dominated portions of other regional nations for Moscow’s intervention.

From Russia’s perspective, they have seen several decades of the progressive eastward expansion of a powerful military alliance (NATO) which wages war around the globe at will now undertaking a buildup of forces along their western border, U.S. and EU meddling in the internal politics of Russian friendly nations, U.S. and other NATO warships now a permanent presence in the Black Sea, plans to deploy ballistic missile installations in neighboring countries, increasing economic sanctions and more.

At some point, this confrontation will come to a head, and when it does, the result will be ugly. And as Russia knows full well they are unable to win a conventional war against the full blown might of NATO, their military doctrine openly relies on the use of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons (also see this).

AlertsUSA continues to monitor developments in the region and will immediately notify service subscribers of changes in the overall terrorism threat environment as events warrant.


6/5 USGOV issues new travel warning for Ukraine due to growing violence and anti-American sentiment. US citizens in conflict areas urged to maintain a low profile.

6/3 Saudi Gov discovers 113 addl confirmed MERS virus cases not previously rptd. Total case count: 688 w/282 deaths. New travel guidance expected from CDC and WHO.

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China – U.S. Tensions Flare
June 7, 2014
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6/2 Top Chinese military officers warn U.S., say America is making “very very
important strategic mistakes,” and “China will absolutely become enemy.”

What You Need To Know

Chinese military officials blasted U.S. hegemony this past weekend at a conference known as the Shangri-La Dialog, specifically taking to task Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel who publicly criticized China’s “destabilizing, unilateral actions” in the South China Sea, including their deployment of an oil-drilling platform in disputed waters off the coast of Vietnam.

China’s Deputy Chief of General Staff, Lt. Gen. Wang Guanzhong, blasted Hagel saying his speech was “full of hegemony, full of words of threat and intimidation,” and part of “a provocative challenge against China.”

Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu stated that “The Americans are making very, very important strategic mistakes right now. If you take China as an enemy, China will absolutely become the enemy of the U.S..” Gen. Zhu went on to accuse the U.S. of hypocrisy in suggesting that “whatever the Chinese do is illegal, and whatever the Americans do is right.”

He went on to tell a Chinese-language broadcaster that U.S. power was declining. Gen. Zhu stated that “The Chinese are not so stupid” as to believe that Washington wants to work with China, or that the U.S. government is truly neutral when it comes to territorial disputes between China and American allies.

Days after the tense meeting the Pentagon released a report to Congress entitled Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China (PDF). The annual publication, which we must emphasize is a washed, unclassified version of the DoD’s true assessment and outlook, provides an overview of the latest effort to modernize the Chinese military in various service branches as well as China’s participation in international military and security events.

Regarding investment into the PLA’s Air Force, which is already the biggest in Asia and third-largest in the world, the report states that “The PLAAF is pursuing modernization on a scale unprecedented in its history and is rapidly closing the gap with Western air forces across a broad spectrum of capabilities. Although it still operates a large number of older second- and third-generation fighters, it will likely become a majority fourth-generation force within the next several years.”

Other major developments covered in the report include advances in the maritime domain. The PLAN is investing heavily in building new surface ships and submarines with advanced capabilities, which could be used to back up Beijing’s territorial claims. As an example, they will soon deploy its first Luyang III-class guided missile destroyer which incorporates China’s first multipurpose vertical launch systems, as well as an expanded fleet of Jiangkai II-class guided missile frigates, both of which will provide a significant upgrade to area air defense capabilities which is critical as it expands operations into ‘distant seas’ beyond the range of shore-based air defenses.

This DoD report is a fascinating look at the rapid rise of a world military power with whom the U.S. will likely engage at some point in the future. Considering the U.S. defense pivot to the Western Pacific, U.S. defense alliances with such countries as Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan, each of whom is currently embroiled with China in bitter territorial disputes, not to mention the growing angst between China and the U.S. on numerous levels, readers should clearly understand that such a conflict is not far fetched and a distinct possibility.

As always, AlertsUSA continues to closely monitor developments in this increasingly tense region and will immediately notify service subscribers of changes in the overall threat environment as events warrant.

Travel Security Update

The U.S. Dept. of State is the authoritative federal source for information on the security situation at travel destinations worldwide. With tensions rapidly increasing in most regions, readers planning on international travel, even to such common destinations as Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands, are strongly encouraged to do a little research on the security situation prior to departure.

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Obama and his sidekick have been intentionally pushing Russia’s buttons, and Putin has made no bones about what he will do.  He has promised all along, he will nuke us.  China has gotten really pissed off at us as well.  It is not really the majority of the country that is playing games with this shit, only those who have a place to stay holed up for “X” amount of years.

Plus, it is well known that the globalists want to de-populate the earth.  They are not bright enough to figure out, that after a while underground together, the greedy SOBs that they are, will turn on one another.  There will not be available, the number of puppets that they are used to playing with.  There will be no humans to conduct sick experiments on, to slowly poison to death, to see just how many illnesses they can create to kill us off with.

How boring their lives will become.  They will have to fight over whose month it is to rule everyone else for the month.  They will be eating each other for lunch, and supper.  Each of them believes that they are so much better than everyone else.  I wonder what happens when you put a bunch of people together, who believe that they are better and more deserving than everyone else, and those are the only types of people left?  Ironic, the only survivors will be those who are better than everyone else on earth.  They have managed to get along while there are still those of us around that they consider “less than” themselves, the less deserving, and  the less wealthy.  We are the “less thans”.

It must be a real bitch to know that you will never meet anyone as wonderful as yourself.  That don’t leave a lot of people to marry, mate with, have children with.  Unless of course, you marry your sister, or 1st cousin or someone directly related to you, they may not be so lowly as we.