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Ebola And How Nuclear Industry Radiation, Antibiotics, Vaccines, Bio Weapons Labs, Etc, Are Creating Mutated, Strengthened SUPER DEADLY Bacteria And Viruses

There is a ‘perfect storm’ negative tipping point scenario being created by the intersecting forces of the for profit medical, factory farming, military bio weapons, GMO and processed food industries. AGRP makes a prediction around superbugs, and the coming ‘perfect storm’ of many other intersecting negative tipping points. There are solutions to this crisis, but none of them are being implemented by the monopolies that are currently in control of the above industries.

2014 – List of 45+ Negative Global Tipping Points; via @AGreenRoad

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Drug Industry Created Patented Antibiotics – Now Creating New Breeds of Lethal Super Bugs That Are Resistance Or Immune To Antibiotics

Mutations are generally MORE common in lower organisms, due to their shorter lifespans. That is why bacteria and viruses can evolve or devolve faster than human beings or animals with much longer life spans. Super bacteria developed resistance to antibiotics fairly quickly, and now thrive in antibiotic environments.
It is a well known fact in the medical world that some super bacteria are now completely resistant to all known antibiotics. Not only are these viruses and bacteria more antibiotic resistant, they work faster and are much more deadly. Some strains of super bacteria can now kill a person in as little as two days. Flesh eating super bacteria can kill in as little as three days, by devouring the body whole, cell by cell.
Combine this antibiotic resistance with bacteria and viruses mutating faster due to radiation exposure, and it makes for a lethal combination. One would think that the medical professionals would want to slow this process down, or prevent it, not speed it up. But no actions are being taken to slow down or prevent the potential superbug epidemics other than developing even more high cost, patented drugs, vaccines and GMO products. But medical industry produced antibiotics are not the only thing that cause bacteria and viruses to mutate into stronger, more lethal versions.

Low Dose Radiation Causes Bacteria And Viruses to Mutate Into SUPER LETHAL BUGS

400 plus nuclear plants and numerous nuclear accidents have released massive amounts of artificial man made radioactive elements into the global environment. Contrary to pro nuclear industry apologists, these ‘diluted’ heavy metal poisons and radioactive ‘bullets’ bio concentrate and accumulate up the food chain to humans, causing a huge variety of problems.

“It is well known that radiation can cause mutations in bacteria and viruses. Andrei Sakharov, the famous Russian physicist, described in his 1992 Memoirs that even at low levels radiation could increase mutations of bacteria and viruses.
His predictions, which were originally made in 1958, have come true and we are seeing new ailments such as Reye’s syndrome which first appeared in 1963, and Legionnaires’ disease, which is caused by a bacteria that was not threatening prior to 1976. AIDS may be related to a mutated virus combined with a weakened immunity in a generation born after the first nuclear weapons were detonated.
Of particular interest is Lyme Disease which first appeared in 1975 near the Millstone and Haddam Neck nuclear power plants in Connecticut. Dr. Jay Gould points out:
“In 1975 there were 59 cases of Lyme Disease recorded; in 1985 the number increased to 863, mainly in the two counties of Middlesex and New London, CT near the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant. Just as increases in cancer may be linked to the huge radiation release from Millstone in 1975, so too may be the tick-borne Lyme disease epidemic.
The Lyme Disease is carried by a spirochete that had not been as harmful to humans prior to 1975. It is well known that radiation can cause mutations in bacteria. The enormous 1975 Millstone radiation release may have caused just such a mutation in the tick-borne spirochete.” (Gould, J and B Goldman. Deadly Deceit: Low-Level Radiation and High-Level Cover-Up. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1990.)
Ebola mutated SUPER lethal viruses may be the result of low doses of radiation making them mutate just like other viruses and bacteria have been above, or they may be from  escapees from bio weapons labs; see details below. Whether the viruses became stronger for one reason or the other does not matter much, as this and other super viruses and super bacteria are now loose on the world stage and exponentially infecting more and more people.

Low Dose Radiation Weakens Human And Animal Immune Systems

Humanity is going to face more and more health challenges and disasters, because of a weaker immune system, combined with new and deadlier diseases resulting from mutated SUPERBUG pathogens.
Dr. Ernest Sternglass further explains:
When the radiation from such isotopes as strontium-89 and 90 in the bone marrow mutates an existing virus that invades the T-cells of the immune system and kills them in the process of replication, the stage is set for the complete collapse of the immune defenses and resulting death from opportunistic infections or cancer.”
(Ernest Sternglass, “The Implications of Chernobyl for Human Health”, International Journal of Biosocial Research, no.8, p. 19, July 1986)”

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Super bugs are not only becoming more common, they are also becoming more and more lethal, with each generation of them. It is a well known fact that viruses and bacteria mutate. What most medical authorities fail to talk about is how the modern medical system and nuclear industry actually CAUSES and creates these superbugs in many ways.
Flesh eating bacteria that can kill a person in three days did not exist until after antibiotics were common and being used on factory farms.
Ebola did exist in ancient times, but it was not something to worry about and only killed a very small percentage of people infected, much like the average flu bug. Today, flu causes many more deaths as these bugs are much more lethal and stronger. Where the flu used to knock a person down for a day, maybe up to 2 or 3 days, now the average flu virus is much stronger, so that people are in bed for a week to a month and many more people die from it.
So far, this article has summarized how antibiotics, man made radiation and weakened immune systems are helping to spread superbugs. But there is another mechanism spreading deadly new diseases, and that is via via vaccines.


clamshellernh August 4, 2014 Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS. Overview of the theory
One theory of the origin of AIDS is that it developed from contaminated vaccines used in the world’s first mass immunisation for polio. There are a number of reasons why this theory is plausible enough to be worthy of further investigation. The location coincides dramatically. The earliest known cases of AIDS occurred in central Africa, in the same regions where Koprowski’s polio vaccine was given to over a million people in 1957-1960. The timing coincides. There is no documented case of HIV infection or AIDS before 1959. Centuries of the slave trade and European exploitation of Africa exposed Africans and others to all other diseases then known; it is implausible that HIV could have been present and spreading in Africa without being recognised.
Polio vaccines are grown (cultured) on monkey kidneys which could have been contaminated by SIVs. Polio vaccines could not be screened for SIV contamination before 1985. Another monkey virus, SV-40, is known to have been passed to humans through polio vaccines. A specific pool of Koprowski’s vaccine was later shown to have been contaminated by an unknown virus. In order for a virus to infect a different species, it is helpful to reduce the resistance of the new host’s immune system. Koprowski’s polio vaccine was given to many children less than one month old, before their immune systems were,.,,”

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The US medical and military industrial complexes are known to conduct secret experiments on human subjects in all kinds of ways.

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There is a claim that US bioweapons researchers have been experimenting on human subjects in an African hospital with a bioweapons created super Ebola virus. Could this be true?
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Ebola can be turned into bioweapon, Russian & UK experts warn

Source; Images for Bioweapon Ebola


Move Away From Factory Farmed Animals

What is the answer to this problem? First, the factary farm industrial complex needs to stop giving antibiotics to their animals. This in turn requires a return to small ORGANIC farms, where the animals are not crowded by the hundreds of thousands or even millions into small, unhealthy spaces and where a complete cycle of animal waste going back into the soil, creates healthy soil, which then creates healthy organic plants.

Stop Using Antibiotics

Second, antibiotics should not be given to every patient just because they look sick. Cultures should be taken to determine if the sickness is caused by virus or bacteria, and by what kind of bacteria. At the present time, doctors hand out antibiotics like it is candy, to everyone who walks in the door. This accelerates the problem of superbug development. There are no more new antibiotics being developed. We are close to the end. There are answers in the natural world for infections, both viral and bacterial, but to use them and get them, the medical industrial complex monopoly for profit sake only has to be broken.

Break Monopoly In Medical System

Third, the monopoly hold that Big Pharma has on hospitals should be broken. Natural health practicioners and natural phytomedicines should be allowed inside hospitals and clinics. Insurance should cover this 100%, because it is cheaper, more cost effective, and natural methods of building up immunity and returning a person to health do not cause the development of super bugs.

Turn Off All Nuclear Reactors And Dismantle All Nuclear Weapons

Fourth, nuclear reactors and associated industries such as the nuclear medical and nuclear weapons industries need to be shut down and turned off. They are too dangerous to all life on the planet and cause MANY more problems than they solve. Of course, if people don’t care about their kids and future generations, then by all means, continue doing whatever makes a profit short term. But if you want your kids to inherit a future worth living in, it is time to make some radical changes in the ‘normal’ paradigms.

Move To Non Processed, Whole, Organic Foods, Herbs And Vitamins

The factory farms raise food on dead soil which is devoid of any health giving minerals, and then use GMO seeds. Both are deadly to human life in the long term and to the whole living web of life on Earth. Because this is another monopoly with deep roots, it will be difficult to reverse this trend, but GMO seeds need to be abolished.
The answers to all problems are there.


Odds are that none of the above solutions will be seriously considered or utilized, so the perfect storm created by all of the non sustainable negative tipping points will only accelerate and cause many more severe consequences, including many more superbug infections, diseases and deaths. One or more pandemics would not be out of the question in the near future, as global warming combined with global travel, tourism, vehicle use, lowered immune system strength, antibiotic resistance and other factors combine together.


Ebola And How Nuclear Industry Radiation, Antibiotics, Vaccines, Bio Weapons Labs, Etc, Are Creating Mutated, Strengthened SUPER DEADLY Bacteria And Viruses; via @AGreenRoad
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