PetFlow Review, Check It Out!

PetFlow Order Something For Your Pets Today! You Can Trust PetFlow!


I have ordered treats and toys, etc. for all my babies.  I just hate going to PetSmart or PetCo, and the prices at those places will kill you.

Tiponi and TakeeBear like to eat Blue Buffalo Red Meat whatever.



Really good food, but really expensive too.  I found a place called PetFlow.  For a couple of years, I only ordered treats and toys and such.  Finally, I got sick of buying food every two weeks, and figured I would give their delivery a try.  That way, I wouldn’t be here working, knowing all the while I have to run out to get dog food shortly, and putting it off to the last minute.

Well, I joined the delivery plan, and yes, it saves me a few bucks, which I was really happy about.  Then my order came a couple of days ago, and it had with a package of cows ears, and a Bozo toy that I had not ordered.  I had ordered those about 5-6 shipments back, but had not ordered them again.

Mr. Thomas Slack over at PetFlow responded to my not so polite email about the issue.  Let’s face it, I really did not have the extra money for the toy and the ears right now.  And my babies, must be really spoiled, cause they don’t really care about the cows ears.  So, I was not the most pleasant person on earth.

Never fear, after Mr. Slack understood my problem, he made things right, and I am pleased to tell you, that I have the utmost faith in PetFlow!  They were truly wonderful, and I had a happy day after all.

Thanks Mr. Slack and PetFlow, you have a very loyal customer, in me!  Anyone that knows me, or has read many of my blogs, you know, that I don’t hesitate to bitch about a company, and rarely praise one, unless they deserve it.

So, Yall go to and check em out, they have really good prices, and their delivery is very timely.