History Replays Itself, and We Are in For a Hell of a Ride, If Things Don’t Change

September 19, 2022

From the Article: America Faces The “Frightful Despotism” Their Founding Father Warned Would Come; By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


While the socialist Western colonial powers wage their war to “irrevocably” destroy Russia, however, this report continues, most critical to notice is the open letter “Long, Slow Decline Of The US Military’s All-Volunteer Force Puts America In Danger” just released by former United States Defense Secretary Mark Esper, wherein he warns: “The U.S. military’s all-volunteer force is slowly dying…The armed services are struggling to meet their recruiting goals like rarely before…The Army is the most affected, projected to fall short by up to 15,000 soldiers, with a larger deficit expected next year…The pool of Americans aged 17-24 who are qualified and interested in serving continues to shrink”—and is critical to notice because it joins the just published Wall Street Journal article “The Real Midterm Election Stakes”, wherein it describes how radical socialist Democratic Party forces are preparing to lay waste to America should they continue to hold power after the 8 November midterm elections, and fearfully asks: “Will voters put a check on the unrequited ambitions of the Democratic left?”.

In viewing what’s been happening in the United States, this report details, it caused President Putin to factually observe: “Parent number one’ and ‘parent number two’: ‘birth parent’ instead of ‘mother’, banning the use of the phrase ‘breast milk’ and replacing it with ‘human milk’ so that people who are insecure about their gender will not be upset…This is nothing new…In the 1920s the Soviet so-called kulturträgers also invented the so-called ‘newspeak’, proposing that in this way they could create a new consciousness and change society’s values”—and is a factual observation based on the events that occurred between 8 March 1917 – 16 June 1923 during the Russian Revolution, which saw the nation changing from an imperial monarchy to a Western-style democracy—a Western-style democracy overthrown by socialist-communist forces—an overthrow that led to the rise of the national populist White Movement to battle back against the godless socialist-communist forces—but after whose defeat, saw the creation of the Soviet Union, which was a godless and demonic despotic socialist totalitarian state of death and misery.   

The two main leaders of the Russian Revolution, this report notes, were Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, but when Lenin fell ill in 1923, eventually dying on 21 January 1924, a power struggle erupted between Trotsky and Joseph Stalin—a power struggle that saw Stalin advocating for one party rule, using government power to crush all dissent and complete control of all media to demonize and silence all opposition, while Trotsky advocated national populist policies to defend the freedoms of peoples, called for open dissension and a free press—was a power struggle Trotsky lost—in August-1936, the first Moscow show trial of the so-called “Trotskyite–Zinovievite Terrorist Center” was staged in front of an international audience—after surviving repeated assasination attempts and escaping from Russia, socialist forces on orders from Stalin tracked Trotsky down in Mexico and assassinated him on 20 August 1940—after which all knowledge of national populist leader Trotsky was expunged, and as history records: “Written out of Soviet history books under Stalin, Trotsky was one of the few rivals of Stalin to not be rehabilitated by either Nikita Khrushchev or Mikhail Gorbachev…But Trotsky’s rehabilitation did came in 2001 by the Russian Federation under President Putin”.

Why it’s important for Americans to know about the power struggle between despotic socialist tyrant Stalin and national populist leader Trotsky, this report explains, is because the same power struggle has erupted between Socialist Leader Biden and national populist leader President Donald Trump—like Stalin did to Trotsky a century ago, Socialist Leader Biden branded President Trump and all of his supporters as enemies of the state—in an exact replay of the Moscow show trial of the so-called “Trotskyite–Zinovievite Terrorist Center” that officially branded Trotsky a terrorist threat to the state, today it sees American socialists persecuting President Trump in a 6 January show trial in the United States Congress, whose latest outrage is described in the just published article “EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Committee Releases Alleged Violent “Walkie-Talkie” Recording from J-6 Protests — BUT THEY LIED AND GOT CAUGHT – The People on the Call WERE NOT EVEN AT CAPITOL!”, wherein it beyond shockingly reveals: “On Thursday the January 6th Select Committee released new audio they claim was a “walkie-talkie” app of communications among Oath Keepers inside the US Capitol and outside the Capitol on January 6th…But this recording actually came from a  2 hour 20 minute recording of people watching TV…This is NOT Oath Keepers at the Capitol”—and like Stalin persecuted Trotsky in a Moscow he had under his iron grip despotic socialist police state control, makes it no wonder that the just published article “Trump And His Supporters Cannot Obtain Justice In D.C.” assessed: “It is possible, likely even, that the government will attempt to bring any charges against Trump in Washington, D.C….It would be fairly easy, for Trump or any of his supporters, to face a jury made up exclusively of Biden voters because of D.C.’s lopsided Democratic partisanship…If Trump is prosecuted and hauled into D.C. to defend himself, a conviction is practically guaranteed”.

In the latest example of one-party state propaganda effectively used by despotic tyrant Stalin to demonize all who opposed him, this report concludes, over the past 24-hours alone, the leftist New York Times and Washington Post pumped out a series of fear inducing screeds to demonize President Trump and Republicans like “How Low Can They Go?”,  “Republicans Are Wearing Cruelty As A Badge Of Honor”, “‘A Crisis Coming’: The Twin Threats To American Democracy”,“A Hard 2020 Lesson For The Midterms: Our Politics Are Calcified” and “America’s Democratic Structure Is Indeed Shuddering —Under Its Own Weight”—in their totality, are leftist propaganda screeds advocating for total socialist Democrat Party rule over America—but most crucially to notice, sees this socialist one-party state propaganda advocacy occurring on 19 September, which happens to be the 226th Anniversary of the farewell address given to the American people by Founding Father President George Washington on 19 September 1796, wherein he warned them they would destroy their nation if they ever let it become a one-party state, and exactly stated: “One of the expedients of party to acquire influence within particular districts is to misrepresent the opinions and aims of other districts…They tend to render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal affection…The name of American, which belongs to you in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of patriotism more than any appellation derived from local discriminations…The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism”.

How Long Has It Been Since Anything Was Said About Ebola? Fresh From the CDC In Atlanta: CDCEbola (Ebola Virus Disease)U.S. Healthcare Workers and SettingsPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE)

CDCEbola (Ebola Virus Disease)U.S. Healthcare Workers and SettingsPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE)
For U.S. Healthcare Settings: Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Evaluating Persons Under Investigation (PUIs) for Ebola Who Are Clinically Stable and Do Not Have Bleeding, Vomiting, or Diarrhea

Who this is for: Healthcare providers in the U.S. evaluating PUIs for Ebola who are clinically stable AND do not have bleeding, vomiting, or diarrhea

What this is for: Provides guidance on the processes for donning and doffing PPE for healthcare workers and staff who are evaluating a PUI who is clinically stable and does not have bleeding, vomiting, or diarrhea

How to use this, how it relates to other guidance documents: Use this guidance with frontline and assessment healthcare facilities described in Interim Guidance for U.S. Hospital Preparedness for Patients Under Investigation (PUIs) or with Confirmed Ebola Virus Disease (EVD): A Framework for a Tiered Approach. It offers step-by-step processes for donning and doffing PPE described in Identify, Isolate, Inform: Emergency Department Evaluation and Management for Patients Under Investigation (PUIs) for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). These procedures do NOT apply to healthcare workers caring for patients with confirmed Ebola or to healthcare workers caring for PUIs who have bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, or who are clinically unstable and/or will require invasive or aerosol-generating procedures (e.g., intubation, suctioning, active resuscitation). In those cases, use the Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) To Be Used By Healthcare Workers during Management of Patients with Confirmed Ebola or Persons under Investigation (PUIs) for Ebola who are Clinically Unstable or Have Bleeding, Vomiting, or Diarrhea in U.S. Hospitals, Including Procedures for Donning and Doffing PPE.




Recommended PPE:

While evaluating and managing PUIs who are clinically stable and do not have bleeding, vomiting, or diarrhea, healthcare providers should at a minimum wear:

Single-use (disposable) fluid-resistant gown that extends to at least mid-calf or single-use (disposable) fluid-resistant coveralls without integrated hood
Single-use (disposable) full face shield
Single-use (disposable) facemask
Single-use (disposable) gloves with extended cuffs. Two pairs of gloves should be worn. At a minimum, outer gloves should have extended cuffs.
In this guidance, fluid-resistant means a gown that has demonstrated resistance to water or a coverall that has demonstrated resistance to water or synthetic blood. The specific test methods that assess resistance are listed in Table 1. When purchasing gowns and coveralls, facilities should follow specifications in this table to ensure they select recommended gowns and coveralls.

Table 1. Specifications for fluid-resistant gowns and coveralls
Gown Coverall
Surgical or isolation* gown that passes:

ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 3 requirements
EN 13795 high performance surgical gown
Coverall* made of fabric that passes:

AATCC 42 ≤ 1 g and AATCC 127 ≥ 50 cm H20 or EN 20811 ≥ 50 cm H20
ASTM F1670 (13.8kPa)
ISO 16603 ≥ 3.5 kPa
*Testing by an ISO 17025 certified third party laboratory is recommended

For more details, refer to technical document Considerations for Selecting Protective Clothing used in Healthcare for Protection against Microorganisms in Blood and Body Fluids, which provides a more detailed explanation of the scientific evidence and national and international standards, test methods, and specifications for fluid-resistant and impermeable protective clothing used in health care settings.



Facilities should ensure that healthcare providers are trained and able to demonstrate competency in donning and doffing recommended PPE before being allowed to care for PUIs. Facilities should also designate areas for PPE donning and doffing as specified below (for more information, refer to the Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) To Be Used By Healthcare Workers during Management of Patients with Confirmed Ebola or Persons under Investigation (PUIs) for Ebola who are Clinically Unstable or Have Bleeding, Vomiting, or Diarrhea in U.S. Hospitals, Including Procedures for Donning and Doffing PPE.

Ensure that areas for donning and doffing are separate from the patient care area (e.g., patient’s room) and that there is a predominantly one-way flow of movement of healthcare providers from the donning area to the patient care area or room to the doffing area.
Confirm that the doffing area is large enough to allow freedom of movement for safe doffing, has space for waste containers, a new glove supply, and alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) for use during the doffing process.
Donning PPE

Donning PPE – This donning procedure applies to PPE recommended for evaluating and managing PUIs who are clinically stable and do not have bleeding, vomiting, or diarrhea. There is a lower risk of splashes and contamination in these situations. An established protocol, combined with proper training of the healthcare worker (HCW), helps to facilitate compliance with PPE guidance.

Remove Personal Clothing and Items: The HCW should wear surgical scrubs (or disposable garments) and dedicated washable (plastic or rubber) footwear. No personal items (e.g., jewelry [including rings], watches, cell phones, pagers, pens) should be worn under PPE or brought into the patient room. Long hair should be tied back. Eye glasses should be secured with a tie.

Inspect PPE Prior to Donning: Visually inspect the PPE ensemble to ensure that it is in serviceable condition (e.g., not torn or ripped), that all required PPE and supplies are available, and that the sizes selected are correct for the HCW.
Perform Hand Hygiene: Perform hand hygiene with alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR). When using ABHR, allow hands to dry before moving to next step.
Put on Inner Gloves: Put on first pair of gloves.
Put on Gown or Coverall: Put on gown or coverall. Ensure gown or coverall is large enough to allow unrestricted movement. Ensure cuffs of inner gloves are tucked under the sleeve of the gown or coverall.
Put on Facemask: Put on facemask.
Put on Outer Gloves: Put on second pair of gloves (with extended cuffs). Ensure the cuffs are pulled over the sleeves of the gown or coverall.
Put on Face Shield: Put on full face shield over the surgical facemask to protect the eyes, as well as the front and sides of the face.
Verify: After completing the donning process, the integrity of the ensemble should be verified by the HCW (e.g., there should be no cuts or tears in the PPE). The HCW should be comfortable and able to extend the arms, bend at the waist, and go through a range of motions to ensure there is sufficient range of movement while all areas of the body remain covered. A mirror in the room can be useful for the HCW while donning PPE.
Doffing PPE

Doffing PPE – PPE is doffed in the designated PPE removal area in the healthcare facility. As with all PPE doffing, meticulous care should be taken to avoid self-contamination. Place all PPE waste in a leak-proof infectious waste container.

1. Inspect: Inspect the PPE for visible contamination, cuts, or tears before starting to remove. If any PPE is visibly contaminated, disinfect by using an *EPA-registered disinfectant wipe.
If the facility conditions permit and appropriate regulations are followed, an *EPA-registered disinfectant spray can be used, particularly on contaminated areas.

2. Disinfect and Remove Outer Gloves: Disinfect outer-gloved hands with either an *EPA-registered disinfectant wipe or ABHR. Remove and discard outer gloves, taking care not to contaminate inner gloves when removing the outer gloves. Dispose of outer gloves into the designated leak-proof infectious waste container.

3. Inspect and Disinfect Inner Gloves: Inspect the inner gloves’ outer surfaces for visible contamination, cuts, or tears. If an inner glove is visibly soiled, then disinfect the glove with either an *EPA-registered disinfectant wipe or ABHR, remove the inner gloves, perform hand hygiene with ABHR on bare hands, and don a new pair of gloves. If a cut or tear is seen on an inner glove, immediately review occupational exposure risk per hospital protocol. If there is no visible contamination and no cuts or tears on the inner gloves, then disinfect the inner-gloved hands with either an *EPA-registered disinfectant wipe or ABHR.

4. Remove Face Shield: Remove the full face shield by tilting the head slightly forward, grabbing the rear strap and pulling it over the head, gently allowing the face shield to fall forward. Avoid touching the front surface of the face shield. Discard the face shield into the designated leak-proof infectious waste container.

5. Disinfect Inner Gloves: Disinfect inner gloves with either an *EPA-registered disinfectant wipe or ABHR.

6. Remove Gown or Coverall: Remove and discard.
(a) Depending on gown design and location of fasteners, the HCW can either untie fasteners or gently break fasteners. Avoid contact of scrubs or disposable garments with outer surface of gown during removal. Pull gown away from body, rolling inside out and touching only the inside of the gown.
(b) To remove coverall, tilt head back to reach zipper or fasteners. Unzip or unfasten coverall completely before rolling down while turning inside out. Avoid contact of scrubs with outer surface of coverall during removal, touching only the inside of the coverall. Dispose of gown or coverall into the designated leak-proof infectious waste container.

7. Disinfect and Change Inner Gloves: Disinfect inner gloves with either an *EPA-registered disinfectant wipe or ABHR.
(a) Remove and discard gloves, taking care not to contaminate bare hands during removal process.
(b) Perform hand hygiene with ABHR.
(c) Don a new pair of inner gloves.

8. Remove Surgical Facemask: Remove the surgical facemask by tilting the head slightly forward, grasping first the bottom tie or elastic strap, then the top tie or elastic strap, and remove the front of the surgical facemask without touching it. Discard the surgical face mask into the designated leak-proof infectious waste container.

9. Disinfect and Remove Inner Gloves: Disinfect inner-gloved hands with either an *EPA-registered disinfectant wipe or ABHR. Remove and discard gloves, taking care not to contaminate bare hands during removal process. Dispose of inner gloves into the designated leak-proof infectious waste container.

10. Perform Hand Hygiene: Perform hand hygiene with ABHR.

11. Inspect: The HCW should inspect for any contamination of the surgical scrubs or disposable garments. If there is contamination, shower immediately, and then immediately inform the infection preventionist or occupational safety and health coordinator or their designee.

*EPA-registered disinfectant wipe: Use a disposable wipe impregnated with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered hospital disinfectant with a label claim for a non-enveloped virus (e.g., norovirus, rotavirus, adenovirus, poliovirus); see EPA list of Disinfectants for Use Against the Ebola Virus at http://www.epa.gov/oppad001/list-l-ebola-virus.html.