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2015-02-24 04:33:19 – Biological Hazard – Malaysia

EDIS Code: BH-20150224-47102-MYS
Date&Time: 2015-02-24 04:33:19 [UTC]
Continent: Indonesian Archipelago
Country: Malaysia
State/Prov.: ,
Location: Nationwide,

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“One person dying each day from dengue with the casualties already at 44 as of mid-February this year is enough for a national emergency to be declared.” DAP lawmaker Charles Santiago has urged the government to declare a national emergency in combating the dengue pandemic. He said the current situation was something “that the country had not seen before”. “There have been 74,335 dengue cases with 143 deaths as of September last year. In comparison to just 21,900 cases with 35 deaths in 2012. “Statistics show 43,346 cases with 92 deaths in 2013,” he said in a press statement. He said it was clear that the dengue outbreak in Malaysia is fast approaching pandemic and record breaking levels. “The federal government must therefore declare a national emergency and immediately launch a dengue fever emergency control operations, which include international vectors, vector community workers, employment of senior tropical medicine experts and engaging the World Health Organisation (WHO) to undertake disease surveillance and outbreak investigations. “This effort would also need active collaboration of federal and state agencies such as district health departments and district health networks plus NGOs to control the dengue outbreak and prevent epidemics. He said sufficient facilities needed to be readily available to combat the pandemic. “It has been reported that both government and private hospitals do not have enough beds to accommodate patients. It is therefore extremely crucial to ensure that there is adequate supply of essential materials including hospital beds, drugs, rapid diagnostic tests and preventive materials.” Santiago also urged the Federal government, through state health authorities, to make more allocation for regular foggings to be carried out in dengue hot spots. “That as well as periodic foggings must be carried out to prevent dengue in other areas.rnrn”Hefty fines should be meted out to those who are found to be creating a ‘breeding haven’ for Aedes mosquitoes.” He said dengue had in the past one year, brought the worst out of Malaysia, in terms of its disaster management capabilities. “The government seems to have failed to learn from dengue outbreaks in the recent past, costing many lives in the process. “At a minimum of 426 cases a day this year, the threat cannot be taken lightly.” He added that the Selangor government, despite all its efforts, was unable to contain the crisis, with 57% of the total cases taking place in the state. “Selangor is the worst affected state with 10,000 cases compared with 2,020 cases in Perak, 1,024 in Johor and 923 in Kuala Lumpur. “The Selangor state government must prioritize combating dengue in the state exco meeting ahead of other policy matters at least until the epidemic shows improvement. “This will include directing all local councils including relevant Federal and state agencies to take proactive measures like eradicating Aedes mosquito breeding sites and regular inspections of potential mosquito breeding sites”. He said the Federal government should allocate more financial resources towards effective dengue combating programmes. “All districts, through the local councils, should have in place an emergency intervention unit to focus principally on combating the dengue outbreak and see to it that industrial areas keep up to a proper standard in environmental cleanliness. “State health authorities should also allocate adequate number of healthcare workers to attend to the healthcare needs of dengue victims. “If possible, a dedicated dengue epidemic directorate should be formed under the purview of state health department to monitor the dengue situation while trying to identify the dengue hot spot areas.

The name of Hazard: Dengue Fever (outbreak)
Species: Human
Status: Confirmed

Posted:2015-02-24 04:33:19 [UTC]