ALERTS USA: At Emory University Atlanta: gastrointestinal illnesses

RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Budapest, Hungary


2014-11-15 04:19:47 – Biological Hazard – USA

EDIS Code: BH-20141115-46007-USA
Date&Time: 2014-11-15 04:19:47 [UTC]
Continent: North-America
Country: USA
State/Prov.: State of Georgia,
Location: Emory University,
City: Atlanta
Number of infected people: 74

Emory University officials say dozens of students have been stricken by gastrointestinal illnesses in recent days. School officials said that as of Thursday night, 74 students had been treated on campus and at the Emory University Hospital emergency department. Michael Huey, assistant vice president and executive director of Emory University Student Health and Counseling Services, sent an email to students Thursday night addressing what he described as gastrointestinal illnesses. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Emory is working with infectious diseases experts and the DeKalb County Board of Health to determine the cause. Huey said health officials have inspected the dining facilities on the Emory campus just outside Atlanta and found no health infractions or issues of concern. Left-over food was also being analyzed as officials searched for a cause.

The name of Hazard: Undiagnosed illness
Species: Human
Status: Suspected

Posted:2014-11-15 04:19:47 [UTC]