EPA river pollution cover-up to be exposed by private citizen science lab: lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury tests offered by the Health Ranger, using Agilent ICP-MS instrumentation

Christian Patriots

(NaturalNews) The incompetence of big government never ceases to amaze me. The EPA — now known as the “Environmental POLLUTION Agency” — recently managed to spill 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into the Animas River. The actual composition of that toxic sludge is being kept a secret by the EPA, which is why I’m openly calling for anyone who has access to the river to send me a water sample so I can test it in my lab. (See below.)

The EPA, it turns out, needs to be kept honest by “citizen science.” In other words, when the EPA becomes a massive polluter and tries to cover it up, it’s up to science-based citizens to hold the EPA accountable by conducting honest, high-integrity private scientific testing that can’t be buried by the government and the media.

The total government cover-up of all this, quite predictably, is already well under…

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