What’s Next On Obama’s Plate?

Desert Musings

So, Christmas is over…we’re between the holidays…Washington is pretty much shut down because everyone is away until next year (not a bad thing), and the media have started focusing on 2016’s presidential elections en masse. What’s that mean for Obama? It means he is getting taken off of the front pages for the first time in about 7 years. It means he’s officially lame duck. It means nobody cares about him anymore (did they ever?). It means that we’re trying to get past the train wreck that has been the Obama Administration and all of the willing participants.

So what’s next on Obama’s plate? My hunch is he’s going to be taken to the woodshed this spring by the Supreme Court. I think the court has secretly been waiting to douse Obamacare in gasoline and set it on fire. They want to be done with this issue once and for…

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