The Reaction from Al Sharpton’s Protesters Learning Mike Brown’s Hands Weren’t Up is Priceless (VIDEO)

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The Media Research Center, the conservative movement’s media watchdog, asked protesters at Al Sharpton’s “Justice 4 All” rally about the disputed claim that Michael Brown had his hands up prior to being shot in Ferguson, Missouri.

The entire “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” campaign from left-wingers goes against the reality of what really happened in Ferguson, but most protesters don’t seem to know that, as MRC verified (above):

Multiple eyewitnesses who testified before the grand jury in Ferguson claimed that Brown’s hands weren’t up at all and that he was charging Officer Wilson when he was shot. Forensic evidence and multiple autopsies that were conducted concluded a similar pattern of events transpired that run contrary to the protesters’ mantra.
Despite the doubt cast on the favored slogan, most of the protesters that MRCTV talked to at the Sharpton rally continued to insist that the original narrative is the correct one.

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