The Reaction from Al Sharpton’s Protesters Learning Mike Brown’s Hands Weren’t Up is Priceless (VIDEO)

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The Media Research Center, the conservative movement’s media watchdog, asked protesters at Al Sharpton’s “Justice 4 All” rally about the disputed claim that Michael Brown had his hands up prior to being shot in Ferguson, Missouri.

The entire “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” campaign from left-wingers goes against the reality of what really happened in Ferguson, but most protesters don’t seem to know that, as MRC verified (above):

Multiple eyewitnesses who testified before the grand jury in Ferguson claimed that Brown’s hands weren’t up at all and that he was charging Officer Wilson when he was shot. Forensic evidence and multiple autopsies that were conducted concluded a similar pattern of events transpired that run contrary to the protesters’ mantra.
Despite the doubt cast on the favored slogan, most of the protesters that MRCTV talked to at the Sharpton rally continued to insist that the original narrative is the correct one.

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Hell, if they don’t care about their own citizens, do you really think they would care enough to tell us the Truth? Kids playing on sand where machines scoop up plutonium each day

TV: Plutonium being pumped into ocean through miles of underwater pipes — Nuclear waste left lying on beach — Kids playing on sand where machines scoop up plutonium each day — Alarming test results 1,000% legal limit (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Published: December 6th, 2014 at 8:17 pm ET

SWR (German public television broadcaster), 2013 (emphasis added):

  • 25:00 in — The dumping of nuclear waste in the sea was banned worldwide in 1993, yet the nuclear industry has come up with other ways. They no longer dump the barrels at sea; they build kilometers of underwater pipes through which the radioactive effluent now flows freely into the sea. One of these pipes is situated in Normandy [near] the French reprocessing plant in La Hague… The advantage for the nuclear industry? No more bad press… disposal via waste pipes remains hidden from the public eye, quite literally.
  • 28:30 in — 400 km from La Hague [as well as] Holland [and] Germany… we find iodine… 5-fold higher tritium value than [reported] by the operator Areva. It’s now obvious why citizens take their own measurements.
  • 30:15 in — Molecular Biologist: “The radioactive toxins accumulate in the food chain. This little worm can contain 2,000-3,000 times more radioactivity than its environment. It is then eaten by the next biggest creature and so on, at the end of the food chain we discovered damage to the reproductive cells of crabs… These genetic defects are inherited from one generation to the next… Cells in humans and animals are the same.”
  • 32:00 in — The 2nd disposal pipe for Europe’s nuclear waste is located in the north of England… Radioactive pollution comes in from the sea. Their houses are full of plutonium dust… The pipe from Sellafield is clearly visible only from the air… nuclear waste is still being dumped into the sea. Operators argue this is land-based disposal… It has been approved by the authorities.
  • 35:45 in — Plutonium can be found here on a daily basis, the toxic waste returns from the sea… it leaches out, it dries, and is left lying on the beach. The people here have long since guessed that the danger is greater than those responsible care to admit… Every day a smallexcavator removes plutonium from the beach… In recent decadesthe operator at Sellafield has tossed more than 500 kg of plutonium into the sea.
  • 42:00 in — We take a soil sample… The result turns out to be alarming. The amount of plutonium is up to 10 times higher than the permissible limit.

Yahoo News, Dec 5, 2014: All this radiation from the [Fukushima] disaster has definitely not been isolated to just Japan. Researchers monitoring the Pacific Ocean, in which much of the radiation spilled into, have detected radioactive isotopes this past November just 160 km [100 miles] off the coast of California. So this story will continue to unfold for many years to come.

Watch SWR’s investigative report here

Rothschild Bankers Lobby Congress To Force Taxpayers To Insure $TRILLIONS$ Of Fraudulent Bank Derivatives!!

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Editor’s Note: As Michael Snyder notes, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and plenty of others have manipulated the market with these derivative bets, and have at least $40 trillion in derivatives exposure. If Congress passes FDIC protection for these controversial and complex financial instruments, it could dwarf existing debt held by the federal government and cost taxpayers an absolutely insurmountable sum, all while letting the bankers walk away free, and with their other winnings in hand.

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NetFlix Chat, Everyone Nowadays Will Just Lie To You, What is Wrong With These People?

I don’t know how many others out there uses NetFlix.  We have had an Account with them forever.   Before they took over Blockbuster, you know, the movie rental store.  Yes, since before NetFlix took over Blockbuster.  Come to think of it, it seems like it was through a Hostile Takeover.  Yes, I am sure that is what it was.

Anyway, it don’t really matter.  Anyway, we ended up buying a Roku player, back then as well.  It was a standard, then we upgraded to the Roku II, and recently the Roku II died, so we went ahead and upgraded to the Roku III.

The other day, when we started NetFlix to see what was playing, it began with a screen saying that you have to be a member in order to use NetFlix; the screen also said that we were entitled to one month free when we join.

Like I said, we have been a member for close to a hundred years, so I called on the phone to talk with tech support.  The girl there told me, that there is no problem, that from time to time that happens, and just log into my account, and all would be well.  While I was talking to her, I brought up that the screen said that we are entitled to one month of service for free.  The girl told me “Oh yea, you are, you can get one month free every year”.  I wonder if people are trained to lie to us, or if they take it upon themselves to do so for the hell of it.  Seems extremely suspicious that every one we talk to on the phone nowadays lies to us.  I wish I could get a transcript of the phone conversation that I had with good ole ATT U-Verse last week from when I attempted to cancel the Tv portion of my U-Verse account.  We talked with Jessica a “Supervisor” who lied to us worse than the NetFlix clown did.

After we hung up, I decided to figure out how we could obtain that free month every year.  So, when there was nothing anywhere about paying customers getting a free month at any time, especially not one free month a year, I decided to hit the chat button.  In just a few short minutes, chat was answered by Sonia, and here is our conversation:




Thank you for contacting Netflix customer support.

Here is the transcript from your recent chat with customer support:

Netflix Sonia

Hey, this is Sonia. Whom do I have the pleasure of chatting with today?


Janet McDonald customer service told me that members get 1 free month per year


How do I get a free month?

Netflix Sonia

Hey Janet, that is a very good question and I would be happy to give you some info on this today



Netflix Sonia

The free trial applies to customers who have not had an active account in the last 12 months and wish to restart their old account or start a completely different account. Customers who are also joining Netflix for the very first time are allowed a free trial to see how the service works


Well, I had to call customer service for an issue, and I told her that I have been a member forever, and that if they wanted to give me a free month, they could. Her reply was that I am entitled to 1 free month every year. So I want to know how to get the free month.

Netflix Sonia

Oh! I see. The free trial is automatically applied to a new account or an account that has not been active in last 12 months. The only way to access a free trial is by creating an entirely different account using different credentials


That is not what customer service told me less than 30 minutes ago. I had an issue with NetFlix, and so I called on the phone. The girl told me, that existing customers are entitled to one free month per year. And you are telling me that she lied to me?

Netflix Sonia

Hmm. That is pretty strange that a rep would say that because that i not how it actually works but no worries, I will get to the bottom of this today. All contacts under your account are automatically documented by the system and i am not seeing a contact apart from this one for today. Do you remember the name of the person you spoke to or the number you dialed?


The number I dialed was 1-866-579-7172, and I don’t remember her name. but it was 2:45:15 PM and I dialed in from 404-xxx-xxxx (my latest phone number a Magicjack number).

Netflix Sonia

OK thanks. I am in the process of making a formal report if the issue so this can be handled internally. I must apologize for the incomplete info you received, while a customer can get a free trial each year, their previous account(s) would have to be cancelled for 12 months or more to be able to access the free trial. There is no free trial on an existing account as there is no way to apply it manually


Ok, well tell them, whoever I talked to lied to me. I don’t like being lied to.


Thanks. Can I get a transcript of this chat?

Netflix Sonia

I totally understand and the last thing we want is for you to feel misled. No worries, i will ensure that this is taken cars of from our end. Yes, you will get the option to print a transcript of this chat at the end of the chat


Ok, then, I guess that there is nothing more for me to complain about, and nothing more that you can do to make me happy. I appreciate the internal report, so maybe this won’t happen to others.


Bye Bye

Netflix Sonia

It was my pleasure helping you out today. Thank you for chatting in and enjoy the rest of your day. And one more thing, if you wouldn’t mind, please stay online for a one question survey.

Sierra Leone seeing 80-100 new Ebola cases daily


Chan said clinical trials for an Ebola vaccine “look promising,” and experimental therapies including some potential cures are also undergoing clinical trials.

“Most experts are convinced that this will not be Africa’s last Ebola outbreak,” Chan said. “At least 22 African countries … have the ecological conditions, the wildlife species, and the hunting practices that favor a return of Ebola at some time in the future.”

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