WIPP Plutonium Leak Can Kill at Least 32,700 Americans

Someone speaks truth!


Let me hit you point blank with the highlights of WIPP.

Using the data already released, the Plutonium released can kill 32,700 Americans

The amount in air is at least 810 TIMES BACKGROUND

And those numbers above are VERY conservative.   First, they use the “reported” data from the nuclear cartel.   Second, they assume that all of the nuclear spewage stayed in the area around the vent for 33 hours, and NONE of it blew away in the wind.    Definitely the wind carried away the plume, therefore these numbers about are VERY LOWBALL.   They can easily be 10 to 50 times higher.

AND this crumbly salt mine was never supposed to hold any high level plutonium waste, it was only for old wipe down rags.     But some rocket scientist nuke pimp who was trying to “prove” how high level waste can be stored underground, in order to promote Yucca mountain, lobbied for…

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